A Scrappin’ Meme

Normally, I’m not big on doing memes, but I’ve got to get something on this poor neglected blog! I stole this one from Sara.  I thought it was kinda cute and a good way to get me thinking about scrapbooking again.

1. If you could have $100 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?

Gosh, isn’t this horrible, I really don’t know what’s out there anymore, the styles have changed so much.  I’d be quite happy to get one of those Bind-it-alls, some more Bazzil of course, lots of chipboard an embellishments, Heidi Swapp stuff is yummy, um…can’t I just go on my own little spree and toss everything in the basket?  Oh, I know, I need organizational stuff!

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rub-ons which would you choose? 

I’m gonna go with the rub ons here.
That’s easy, rub-ons.  I think I use them on just about everything.

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts, but could only do one for a year which would you do?
Layouts without a doubt.  Cards are just tossed out after a while.  I want my work to last!

4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home (can’t have both,lol)
My own room.  Of course it would need to be spacious enough to invite my scrappin’ buddies over when I wanted, and as well stocked as a store.  I just don’t want to have to deal with the business end of it and worry about all the fun being sucked out of it. 

5. And then last but not least, what is your current cardmaking or scrapping style?

I’m supposed to have a style? Huh.

I’d go with bright and whimsical.  Lots of journaling and details of everyday life.


Ooooo…New Toys!

I’ve heard a lot about how wonderful the Caran D’Arche water soluble crayons are.  Being as cheap frugal as I am though, I couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase any.  (Well I probably could if I could find a place to buy them that would take a forty percent off coupon!)

So when I found a great deal on them a week or so ago, I had to jump on them.  To my delight, they have arrived.  So far, we’ve just been eyeing and sniffing each other.  I’m not quite ready to start playing with them yet.  In a silly way, it’s like the first stroke will ruin their perfection.  (Kinda like a brand new journal I guess).

Tomorrow, I will take a deep breath and break them in!


I am very thankful to have them!

And So It Begins…

I’m going to go for it….NaBloPoMo here I am!


 This means that I am commiting to posting something every single day this month.   My goal is to also do something creative and post it here.  (I’ve also got to figure out what is wrong with my camera!)

I’m also going to particiapate in


Everyday I will post something that I am thankful for.

Today, I am thankful that I still have the urge to find my creative passion and the desire to work towards it.