Ooooo…New Toys!

I’ve heard a lot about how wonderful the Caran D’Arche water soluble crayons are.  Being as cheap frugal as I am though, I couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase any.  (Well I probably could if I could find a place to buy them that would take a forty percent off coupon!)

So when I found a great deal on them a week or so ago, I had to jump on them.  To my delight, they have arrived.  So far, we’ve just been eyeing and sniffing each other.  I’m not quite ready to start playing with them yet.  In a silly way, it’s like the first stroke will ruin their perfection.  (Kinda like a brand new journal I guess).

Tomorrow, I will take a deep breath and break them in!


I am very thankful to have them!