Just Checking In…

This week, we are on mid-winter break from school.  (and a month after this, we’ll be on Spring Break…it’s no wonder we go to school until the end of June!)

This morning, I woke up with an incredible idea of what to give my Sweetie for his birthday next month.  He is so hard to get anything for as he seems to have everything he want.  But one thing that he can’t get for himself is a doll (although I think guys call them “Action Figures”) of his World of Warcraft character. 

I asked my Shaun to give me detailed screen shots and I’m SOOO excited to get started.  (Isn’t that always how it is with brand new ideas?)  The only thing is, we are all taking a long day trip to the coast.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get started on this.  I’ll have plenty of time to think about it, I guess!

Have a wonderful Day!



KT has always had more faith in my abilities than I ever have.  Her whole life she’s known that she has but to ask me to do something  special for her and I will do my best to make it happen.  Over the years, I’ve created some pretty fancy birthday cakes, elaborate Halloween costumes, a semi-formal dress and painted an underwater world in her room. 

I’ve often thought there wasn’t any possible way I could actually do what she had asked me to.  Yet her unwavering faith has caused me to actually try and of course, to succeed in each endeavor.   

My eldest child has, once again, cooked up a new project for me.  She wants me to make her a coat.  Yes, a coat.  I tried to explain to her that people don’t make coats, they go to the store and buy them.  She simply wouldn’t listen to my very reasonable explanation.  (You know something is wrong when I’m the one being logical!)  KT’s thoughts were that I could make her the exact coat that she wanted. 

So the search for the perfect patten and the perfect fabric began.  Fortunately for me, it took a while for KT to decide on what she wanted.  But  eventually she did.  So in the next week or so, I will magically transform these few yards of fabric into a fully lined, perfect corduroy coat for my daughter.

kts almost coat

I”m only doing this because KT has faith that I actually can…