Ooooo…New Toys!

I’ve heard a lot about how wonderful the Caran D’Arche water soluble crayons are.  Being as cheap frugal as I am though, I couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase any.  (Well I probably could if I could find a place to buy them that would take a forty percent off coupon!)

So when I found a great deal on them a week or so ago, I had to jump on them.  To my delight, they have arrived.  So far, we’ve just been eyeing and sniffing each other.  I’m not quite ready to start playing with them yet.  In a silly way, it’s like the first stroke will ruin their perfection.  (Kinda like a brand new journal I guess).

Tomorrow, I will take a deep breath and break them in!


I am very thankful to have them!


And So It Begins…

I’m going to go for it….NaBloPoMo here I am!


 This means that I am commiting to posting something every single day this month.   My goal is to also do something creative and post it here.  (I’ve also got to figure out what is wrong with my camera!)

I’m also going to particiapate in


Everyday I will post something that I am thankful for.

Today, I am thankful that I still have the urge to find my creative passion and the desire to work towards it.

It’s Time To Party!

This is my first Bloglandia Event and I’m so excited to mingle with all the other party goers.  If you haven’t heard yet, Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun is hosting a huge Halloween Extravaganza! I’m not quite dressed yet, but I do have my lovely crown that prounounces me “The Halloween Queen”.  It must be true, as who am I to argue with a crown?


Come on in! Don’t mind the four bouncers at the door…they make look a little scarey, but they are just pumpkins at heart.


Although you might want to be just a little leary of what haunts the Jack O’Lanterns…


If you see any skeletons trying to sneak out of the closet, please gently scoot them back in


More Halloween goodness to come later!

Edit to add: Sadly my camera seems to be a little haunted right now and won’t let me download any more pics.  I never got to the “treat” part! I hope I didn’t scare you too badly!

Busy, Busy!

OOoops! I forgot that everyday means the weekends too.  That’s a habit I’m going to have to get into.

 I’ve been working on my daughter’s costume.  It’s a fairly simply princess gown…only everything that can go wrong has.  I realize that I didn’t have enough fabric for the long, flowing sleeves (Now how on earth could that happen???), the cut is lower than I thought and shows waaaay too much cleavage, I burned myself with the iron, the tension is messed up on my sewing machine…I guess that’s enough whining for now!

 Tomorrow, I hope to have pictures of the finished gown and maybe even some of my duct taped girl if I can get them from my husband!

21 Day Challenge

I’ve just heard about the 21 Day Challenge hosted by Rhonna
Apparently this is the eighth time she has done so.  How awesome is that?

She is hosting this challenge on the concept that it takes 21 days to either form or break a theory.  So we are encouraged to set a goal to work towards.  And then to work towards it every single day saving time to journal about it. 

I love this idea.  The challenge however, started a couple days ago, on the 15th.  I don’t have the luxury to ponder the perfect goal.  So I decided to steal  borrow someone else’s.  I came across Christi’s blog and realized her goals are  almost exactly what I’ve been trying to get myself to do.  So, without further ado, my goals for this challenge are:

1.  Dare to Create! That was my one New Year’s Resolution.  I’m dong much better at this, but I really need to increase how much I am doing.  So, I want to work on something creative every day for at least half and hour.

2. Bring back the To Do List, and scratch everything off of it.  Too many things are being left undone for no particular reason. 

3. Eat healthy food and find ways to increase exercise every single day.

Three very simple goals.  Let’s see how well I do.  I’ll put up my first journaled page tomorrow.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!