Time to dust off the ol’ blog…

This poor, poor neglected blog…it’s way past time to bring some life back to it.  Although, to be quit honest, I’m never sure I ever breathed much life into it in the first place.  Ah well…no time like the present!

In two short days, Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas (hereafter to be known as jyc) will be starting.  I’ve made a couple attempts at this before…and quitting before I even gave it a fair chance.  My first attempt never got much farther then trying to decide what size I wanted my book (how pathetic!) The next year I had all these wonderful elaborate ideas to make the most beautiful journal anyone could ever imagine.  I would hand piece all sorts of wonderful elements and use glitter and…well, you get the picture.  That was just asking for failure. 

This year, I’m making it easy on myself.  I’m just going to go with the flow…I’m going to follow Shimelle’s prompts and use Ali’s freestyle journal.  I don’t promise to post everyday…but I’ll post often. 

I’m getting excited!